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​​Career Transitions

What we Do

Leadership & Staff Training

Training is an integral part of any organization. Developing leaders and providing tools for employees to professionally grow is often the difference between a high-performing company and one that seems to always be struggling. Odasi Consulting provides custom-tailored training on a wide variety of topics. Some of these topics are directed towards leadership, others can be provided to staff at any level.

Training Topics:

  • Leadership - Integrity & Trust, Team-building
  • Motivation & Mentoring - Guideline & Factors
  • Managing Performance - Values & Principles
  • Communication & Listening - Barriers, One-way vs. Two-way
  • Diversity & EEO - Preventing Discrimination
  • Time Management - Delegation & Meetings
  • Problem Solving - Conflict Resolution, Building Consensus
  • Accountability & Responsibility - Leading by Example
  • Managing Change - Fundamentals & Process
  • Interview Skills - Behavioral Interviewing, Legal Aspects
  • Harassment & Cultural Awareness - Sexual Harassment, Racism & Tolerance
  • Workplace Violence - Prevention, Domestic Violence in the Workplace
  • Presentation Skills - Overcoming Fears

Modules are developed based on the needs of the client and are typically one to two hours in length and can be integrated into a full or half-day program, as needed. The training is always designed to be interactive with significant class participation utilizing presentations, flip-charts, table-top exercises, role-playing, multi-media, and other activities.

Professional Speaking

Odasi Consulting has become a sought-after authority to speak on many topics related to human resources, leadership, workplace violence, harassment and cultural awareness, personal development, and many other timely and important subjects.

Our speakers have become subject-matter experts and are fluent in the issues and trends surrounding the industries in which we are proud to be a part.  Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker at a national conference, a presenter for a local association, or an industry panelist, we can tailor a presentation to meet your needs. Our formula for world-class presentations is simple. We employ speakers that are engaging and charismatic and couple that with rich content that is insightful and educational.

General Speaking Topics

  • Human Resource Topics
  • Performance Management
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Leadership & Employee Development
  • Communication
  • Talent Retention
  • Managing the Millennial Generation
  • Supervisor Training
  • The HR Professional

Workplace and Domestic Violence Topics

  • Workplace Violence
  • Domestic Violence in the Workplace
  • Stalking in the Workplace

We also work individually with leaders to provide outplacement and career counseling support.